Online Lotto South Africa

The online lotto South Africa is proud to make available to participants all over the country is the primary one, and the oldest, too. It has undergone some significant changes over the years as well, now allowing players from anywhere in the world to take part. You don’t have to be visiting our fair shores or even a citizen of this country in order to make your play for the life-changing win anymore, and can safely take part by means of a number of different platforms no matter where you happen to be. Find out information like this and where best to play at

Deciding How to Take Part

People who wish to participate in the rush for the online lotto South Africa jackpot can now do so totally safely and securely by means of the World Wide Web, and you can further pick and choose your platform when you access the fun in this manner. Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets are all widely provided for, and your Android, Blackberry or Apple device could be the means by which you transform your lifestyle today!

Thanks to sites like, you don’t even have to waste any of your precious time comparing sites until you can find one that will offer you everything you need, as they have rated and reviewed the very best of what is available for the online lotto South Africa. Saving time means winning you money in this case, as you are able to get into the heart of the action far more quickly and totally safely.

The Rules for the South African Lotto

Online lotto South Africa draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday night at 21h00. You will be asked to select six numbers from a pool of 49 inclusive, and the more of your numbers that appear in the final draw, the more money you get to put into your pocket!

TOP online lotto South Africa sitesSeptember 2019

Buying online lotto South Africa tickets is very easy to do, with a multitude of banking options provided for your convenience, and you can take your pick from MasterCard; Visa; cheques; Diner’s Club; AmEx; Maestro; bank transfers; JCB; Moneybookers and Giro Pay, to name just a few.

The record jackpot for online lotto South Africa has been known to exceed R40 million, and anyone has a chance of taking this money home. There is no need for any memorising complicated plays, or refining strategies in order to win, and inexperienced online gamblers are just as likely as their more seasoned counterparts to do so!

A lotto ticket usually costs under R5, and, for this paltry investment, you are immediately in the running for the top prize. Choose your numbers, decide whether you want to add Lotto Plus numbers to your card and wait for the draw to roll around. You will be able to check the winning numbers online as soon as they become available anywhere, and can even arrange for the combinations to be sent to you in some cases. Grasp hold of the winning opportunities available to you and start playing the lotto now!

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