Mobile Lottery Advancements

The lottery has been an exciting way for South Africans to be part of the gambling and wagering environment for many years. Lotteries, in fact, have a long and interesting history, but essentially have always existed and thrived due to the monstrous prizes and winnings that are on offer. Fundamentally, this attraction is a powerful force, enticing many millions of players to participate in lotteries every day.

This attraction is hardly a novel discovery, and the gambling industry itself is founded on the possibility of getting a life-altering amount of money with minimal input or time being involved. A basic number choosing game like the lottery, with a deliberate, low cost stake giving access to the possibility of scarcely believable rewards is a very easy sell.

For instance, in the 43 states in America where lotteries are legal, players spent a whopping $70 billion playing lotto games in 2014. It would seem entirely obvious, then, that lotteries would seek an active mobile association, or at least mobile access, in order to link these two burgeoning industries.

Development of Mobile Lotteries

Mobile lottery, as a concept, has two slightly different emphases that could be understood by a listener. The incredible and unstoppable trend of all online services to migrate to mobile has meant that that most decent lottery sites are accessible by all mobile devices using the browser services.  This is already undoubtedly of enormous benefit to the lottery player as they can update and check their lottery numbers, when the draw will happen and to check any potential winnings. And thus has already increased the market and facilitated access.

In Europe, roughly a third of lottery sales are conducted via mobile and online platforms. In the USA, Australia and Africa, however, the sales of lottery tickets online or via mobile is still lagging behind. This is because the original business model for lottery justification and ticket sales incorporated the retailer, service station or corner shop generating additional business by being able to offer this service to clients.

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A growing number of business people and IT development is concentrated on lottery provision as it is seen in many circles as the quiet giant of entertainment. There is therefore current significant development going into the production the second concept related to mobile lotteries. This concept, where mobile users have access to all aspect of lottery play, in a truly mobile environment have been limited by a number of factors. The first of these is the lack of a fair and secure protocol to allow users to safely and fairly purchase lottery tickets by smart phone. Other issues the mobile lottery industry is now beginning to cover are being able to satisfy the fairness, accuracy, and public verification requests in a mobile environment, prevention of malicious attacks with low computation costs, and being able to achieve all the multi-participants in a mobile environment.

Advantages of Current Status Quo

To address these challenges and create a truly mobile lottery, the first generation mobile apps are evolving, with the apps boosting advertising and new mobile games.

Although mass selling of lottery tickets on mobile devices outside of Europe may lie well in the future, since both notable lottery benefits related to convenience stores have been particularly successful all over the world. Associations of retailers in several countries and states have already compiled research showing just how much the retailers rely on lottery sales for customer traffic.

In most countries the retailers have invested a lot of time building up lotteries as their retail partner. The other benefit that retailers carry over true mobile access is that they provide a much more effective method of confirming that all lottery players are over the admission age and preventing minors from buying tickets.

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