The Attraction of Mobile Lotto

There are several psychological models describing the decisions a person makes when taking part in an online lotto game. The fundamental attraction of lotto style play is directly related to the size of the jackpot on offer plus the fact that hope springs eternal. Virtually everyone on earth dreams of winning a mind-boggling amount of money with virtually no investment or work and the South African lottery is one way this dream can come true.

As a matter of fact, several catchphrases have entered the language thanks to lotto games and lotteries. These include the ‘you have got to be in it to win it’ idea and the ‘change your life’ belief that everything is possible. These games of chance actually carry an infinitesimally small winning odds, but as a source of revenue for the lottery they are a very safe bet. Global lottery sales have climbed by a further 7% to US $275 billion in the last year alone, according to La Fleur’s World Lottery Almanac.

Lotto is a number choosing game. Participants select numbers that, when matching numbers that are drawn randomly, provide winnings of almost biblical proportions. In the past year lotto sales raked in more than $110 billion, followed by scratch tickets at $76 billion. Europeans spent the most on lottery games, at $113 billion. Quite understandably, increasing access and convenience would enhance these numbers, hence the pressure to develop the mobile lotto market.

Advantages of Mobile Lotto

Mobile lotto ultimately serves players wanting to participate in lotto games on a regular basis. Indeed, the very convenience of mobile lotto makes a solid business case for the incorporation of mobile lotto services.

Players of mobile lotto games would never miss a draw or be unable to purchase a ticket, thus optimizing lotto turnover and access. A major proportion of the annual income of the lotteries are the daily lotto draws, hence the interest in facilitating access and convenience. Daily lotto games are run every day, so with online and especially mobile connectivity, players can participate in these games literally from their couches. The only negative considerations in this mobile lotto evolution is for players to make sure that they are playing through a reputable site that will pay out any winnings and that the game is legitimate.

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Economic Considerations

A lottery, also known as lotto, is a really a form of gambling. Lotteries are consequently outlawed by some governments, while other authorities support it to the extent of organizing a national or state lottery, often with a percentage funding charitable or civil society organisations. Nevertheless, it is standard practice for governments to regulate lotteries. Mobile lotto is widely enjoyed in South Africa because the game is essentially simple and easily understood, provides players with some of the best and largest winnings available, often times running into millions of dollars, and yet, with mobile access, the game is firmly in the hands of millions.

Lottery Ramifications

Lotteries can be found online, and now on mobile, in many formats in South Africa. The prizes on offer could be a fixed amount of cash or simply an array of goods. In this format there is only a financial risk to the organizer if not enough tickets are sold.

More commonly, however, the prize fund will be a proportion of the receipts, which an award system that is perfect for the growth of mobile lotto play. The low cost of a lottery ticket is, after all, perhaps the most alluring aspect of the game.

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