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The newest addition to the lotteries available in this country is Powerball South Africa, one that was established in order to raise funds for national aid organisations. Over 30% of the funds generated by ticket sales for this lottery are handed to their fund, Good Causes, and this is proudly held to be one of the highest percentages in the world. Find out more about this at

Starting to Play Powerball South Africa

Powerball South Africa requires participants to correctly predict which five numbers out of a total of 45 will be drawn, along with one extra digit, the Powerball, from another pool of 20. Draws are held twice a week, allowing players an extra opportunity to take home the win, and you can look forward to the fun unfolding every Tuesday and Friday evening. With a minimum jackpot of R3 million, there is a lot to be said for taking five minutes out of your day in order to get into the running!

No Cap for Powerball South Africa

The Powerball South Africa jackpot does not have a cap, meaning that if no one wins the jackpot amount for a draw, the total will roll over, increasing in size until someone’s lucky numbers eventually prevail. The largest jackpot to date was in excess of R100 million, and changed one lucky winner in the Free State’s life forever!

Powerball South Africa has different tiers built into it, with a total of seven for players to win from. In fact, you need to match just one number along with the Powerball in order to collect a prize! Buying a ticket to enter is now easier than ever as well, thanks to the wonderful access the World Wide Web is able to offer. has rated and reviewed a number of different sites which offer access to Powerball South Africa games, and you can simply head over there to select where to play from rather than comparing the pros and cons of available sites until you drop from frustrated exhaustion. You will not need to do much more than read the simply formatted information and make your choice, since they have done all the groundwork for you.

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Get All the Information You Need provides South African players with information on the Powerball South Africa, where to play, when to play and only offers sites that are licensed and registered, able to offer you the safety and security your real money transactions require. You may not even need to check the winning numbers yourself either, as many sites will inform you in the manner of your choosing as to how you fared in the draw. Double-check that this service is available however, since there is surely no worse fate than failing to be informed that you are South Africa’s most recent Powerball millionaire! Explore your online options today, and take part by means of your handheld device if you wish, but take part you must. You have to be in it to win it, and, for the relatively tiny investment this lottery requires, you could well be the next big winner!

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